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What's your story?
Here are stories from moms across the United States:

"I couldn't find a place to pump at the airport, so I hooked the pump under my sweatshirt and pumped in the chair with the nearest electrical outlet."  

"No electrical outlet in a bathroom stall during a conference, so I plugged in next to a busy bathroom sink. I got some crazy looks." 

"I fell asleep once while pumping in my seat on the airplane. The next thing I know, I am getting tapped by the person behind me asking if that was my pump on the ground under their feet." 

"The most unusual place I pumped was in a shipping container. It was hot that day, so I was sweating through my shirt." 

Mother Baby Bonding

You might cry over spilt milk. You might  accidentally leave the curtain open on the office door while pumping. You might spill milk on your lap while pumping and driving. I’ve done all these things and have lived to laugh about it. You can too.


Are you a traveling and breastfeeding mom interested in sharing your pumping experience? Have you learned a cool tip or trick that would help other parents?

I'm interviewing moms for my book about traveling for work while pumping and breastfeeding.


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