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Family Resources

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Breastfeeding Equipment Checklist

Returning to work after baby? Planning to breastfeed?  Here is a list of essential equipment that will make your life easier.

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Traveling Checklist for Caregivers

Here is a checklist of important information needed before you leave on a business trip. It will also be a helpful checklist for your caregiver when you return to work.

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PRO/CON: Daycares vs. Nannys vs. Nanny Shares -

How do you decide what childcare option is best for you? Here is a great pros and cons list to get you started.

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Breastfeeding Math Equation

How to know the amount of breastmilk your little one needs, how much you should store prior to a business trip and the amount to store for your average work day.

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Notes for your Caregiver

Once you set your little one's schedule, use this helpful reference sheet to support their caregivers. Family and friends will love this resource.

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