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The Book

Pump or Bust offers guidance for new moms who need to advocate for themselves at work and while traveling for work. The book’s tone is warm and wise—practical advice from one mama to another.


Pump or Bust includes interviews with medical professionals, industry experts, and influencers in women’s health and parenting, alongside Karlee's story.

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In Pump or Bust, you’ll find everything you need, including:

  • Conversation starters to ease your transition back into the office.

  • Strategies to gain support from coworkers, managers, and HR.

  • Game-changing self-care practices for nursing mothers.

  • Tips and tricks to pump like a boss at work and while traveling for work.

  • Essential checklists for moms, dads, caregivers, family members, and employers.

  • The spilled milk: Inspiring stories and advice from other mamas about their breastfeeding and traveling experiences.

  • Voices from leading industry experts addressing every stage of the back-to-work pumping journey.

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Three ways to help a new mom:

1. Requesting Pump or Bust at your local library!

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