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Time Saving Tips for Pumping at Work

During an 8-hour workday, a nursing mom needs to pump every 2-3 hours (3-4 times/day). In a six month period (or aprox 135 working days), a mom will pump 405-540 times.

Each pumping session may take 15 - 20 minutes, and sometimes longer, which is roughly 8,100 - 10,800 minutes (or 7.5 days). That's a lot of liquid gold!

While I was juggling work and pumping, it was important to me to pump as efficiently as possible so I could get back to my desk as soon as I was done.

Try these time-saving tips for pumping at work:

  • Pack extra pump parts: Cleaning pump gear can take 10 minutes or more. Pack an extra set (or two) of ready-to-go pump parts for quicker set-up.

  • Bring a pic of your little one: Having a picture or video present while pumping helps the letdown reflex happen more quickly.

  • Invest in a workbag that organizes your gear for each pumping session.

  • Store extra breast pump bags and smaller parts at your desk for easier access.

  • Pack extra clothes because spills happen!

*Image source: Canva

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