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The Beauty of Diversity

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As a white woman, I struggle with how to teach my daughters to be

inclusive and respectful. My five-year-old saw a sidewalk chalk drawing

of George Floyd emblazoned with Black Lives Matter. She asked, "What

is Black Lives Matter?"

My daughter attends a multiracial school where she is being well educated about civil rights leaders but in this historic moment when so much is

happening in the world, I was at a loss about what to tell her. "It's an important movement," I said. "It creates understanding and and opportunity that helps the black community thrive after hundreds of years of oppression."

She got off her bike, knelt in front of George Floyd's portrait and put her hands together in prayer. "I want everybody to be together," she said. Don't we all?

There are many ways to be an advocate. Here are a few:

1. Purchase products from Black Owned Businesses.

2. Add more diversity to the bookshelf. Here is a great list for reference!

3. Help Advocate for women of color who are breastfeeding!

4. Make a conscious choice to purchase from Black Owned Businesses

or make a donation to an organization during birthdays, or holiday season.

5. Ask about inclusion programs at your kiddos school.

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