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Fearless and strong first responder moms - I see you. I see you working tirelessly to help serve those around you.

You return home from a night shift and struggle to keep your eyes open, for just a little longer, so you can see your babies. Tirelessly an

d unconditionally, you prepare bottles, food, baths, and whatever those little ones need. Your children see you too. They see their hero, a leader—their mama.

Hugs filled with admiration, care and respect. They don't see the tough nights you can't talk about, or the things that make you want to cry. They don't always understand why you're not around.

What they do see, however, is your dedication and service to the community.

Your exhaustion goes deeper than your friends or family know. But the path you lay helps women and other mothers by closing the gender gap and creating more opportunity. Keep doing what you're doing, but know this: I see you and I'm grateful.

Thank you to all of those mama dispatchers, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, line workers and fire fighters. Thank you for your dedication to serve your community and for inspiring the next generation.

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